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Valuing for Your Collection

Research the market for the type of jewelry piece you would like to value. Determine the piece’s brand, its condition and period. The more details you know about your jewels, the easier it will be to figure out their value. Use a jewelry price guide to learn about the market for your pieces and about the price ranges.


Search online for jewelry price guides. There are various sites that provide jewelry prices and appraisal information. By using some of these sites, you can learn how jewelry designers compare to each other and how much you can expect to pay or receive for particular jewelry brands. You can find price guides for new pieces, used pieces and vintage pieces.

Visit eBay to find out value ranges for your jewels. Go to the eBay antique or collectible page and find pieces that have sold in the completed auctions. Looking through the completed auctions, you may see the prices paid for your type of jewelry piece and their conditions. You must register with eBay in order to use this feature.

Books - Several guidebooks are available that list the prices of collectible pieces. Check to see if you can find your piece. Look at your local library or in bookstores for guides such as the “Warman’s Vintage Jewelry: Identification and Price Guide” by Leigh Lesher; “Vintage Jewelry Design: Classics to Collect & Wear” by Caroline Cox; "Complete Price Guide to Watches No. 30" by Cooksey Shugart, Richard E. Gilbert and Tom Engle; and "Warman's Watches Field Guide: Values and Identification" by Dean Judy.

Stores - Look at prices in antiques, collectibles and jewelry stores. Visit local stores that carry a wide selection of jewelry in order to see how different styles are priced. In addition, go online to peruse the selection of Internet dealers.

Appraisers - Use a professional jewelry appraiser from a reputable antique or jewelry store. For a fee, a professional will provide you with a value for your piece and will issue an appraisal certificate. Contact the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers to find a certified expert in this field.

Auctions - Look up auction houses, such as Christie's and Sotheby's. Find completed auctions for your piece and check the price ranges paid. These houses will provide a catalogue for a fee.