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Personal Coverage

The Jewelers unBLOCKed Collector Edition™ portfolio of services understands the heightened exposures of the private client. We have created a way to tailor our insurance programs to cater to your individual needs – creating policies as unique as the jewelry they protect.

Valuable Articles Coverage (VAC) provides individual policyholders with the ability to cover their jewelry collections by “scheduling” pieces (individually listing and describing each piece). In each case, the policyholder may elect to cover their entire collection or selected individual pieces – providing flexibility and allowing for the differing risk tolerances of each insurance buyer.

A common question about personal jewelry coverage revolves around weighing the cost of coverage against the risk of not securing coverage for one’s valuables. Private clients often prefer to insure against significant loss but lower their coverage costs by agreeing to absorb some portion of a loss themselves. Clients should evaluate their own risk tolerance and then work with our professional staff to obtain coverage suitable to their own circumstances.

Private clients should review existing coverage on a consistent basis, as previously purchased goods can have a much higher replacement cost due to increasing gemstone and commodity prices. We recommend that updated appraisals should be obtained every two to four years.

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